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Biographies provide unparalleled access into the lives and stories of famous figures both past and present. Discover autobiographies in the words of the people who lived the stories, insightful biographies of historical figures and fascinating insights into the worlds of medicine, politics, sports and many more. Order all of these biographies online from Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The best biographies for the modern world

Read biographies of people who have shaped our modern world and continue to make an impact in the present day. Whether your interest is in political figureheads like Michelle Obama (Becoming), masters of their craft like Stephen King (On Writing), sports stars like Kobe Bryant (The Mamba Mentality), or one of the countless other types of biographies represented here, you’re sure to find engaging works in the words of the people who lived the stories or those who have spent endless hours researching them.

Insightful, challenging stories

Alongside the biographies of media stars and political personalities, Book Depository also sells a huge selection of insights into the fascinating real lives of everyday people, including medical professionals, lawyers and business people. From the down to earth account of an ambulance worker in 999, to the story of Nike’s founder in his own words in Shoe Dog, discover the lives of people from all walks of life who contribute to the world we live in today.