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Welcome to our Crafts & Hobbies category. We have a great selection of specialty books to help you refine your crafting skills or discover a new interest. Get inspired and unwind all at once. You can broaden your horizons by taking up a satisfying hobby with the help of our guides, providing all the inspiration needed to get started. You’ll find books about paper crafts, wood carving, flower arranging, pottery, jewellery making, painting, needlework and more.

There are plentiful benefits associated with taking up a hobby. Taking the time to focus on an activity you enjoy can boost self-esteem, improve concentration and reduce stress levels. Get inspired by browsing our selection of hobby books, which include a wide range of crafts and activities to help you get started. Make your home just a little more harmonious by learning how to create beautiful objects and arrange flowers. Jewellery books give you a firm foundation in intricate beadwork and working with silver, or you could give your painting and drawing skills a lift with our art books.

Learn the time-honoured arts of needlework and embroidery, or flex your fashion muscles with Vogue’s guide to knitting . Retro crafts like macramé are definitely having a moment, and we have quilting books as well if you want to get to work crafting a personalised family heirloom. There’s perhaps nothing more satisfying than building your own furniture, so learn the basics of wood working. If you’ve always wanted to get into crafts and hobbies, there’s no better time to start.