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Explore our range of history books to find titles covering a huge variety of topics. From African history books to the history of the Americas, and from the writings of ancient philosophers to harrowing accounts of World War II, discover an unbeatable range of history books in five languages at Book Depository.

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Learn more about the processes and discoveries that shape our understanding of history in archaeology books from leaders in the field. Drawing on the most recent archaeology studies, Book Depository’s bestsellers cover topics as varied as the dawn of human civilisation, the voyages of the Vikings and the lost cities of the ancient world.

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History books can be read for study, reference and leisure. Many of the titles you’ll find in our range have been written by the finest academic minds in the field and cover the latest discoveries about our past. Whether you’re reading for study or for fun (or a bit of both), you’ll find the greatest stories of our past told by the people who have dedicated their lives to bringing them to our attention.