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Panama Finca Deborah Echo Gesha
A Exceedingly Rare single origin crafted with mastery
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About This Item
The expressiveness of Panama-grown Gesha is legendary—when it stepped onto the world stage in 2005 at the Best of Panama competition, it created a stir that hasn’t stopped since.

Not only did it win, but it was also sold at a record-breaking $20 per pound in the green coffee auction. While that was unheard of at the time, coffees now commonly sell for hundreds of dollars per pound. Gesha is credited for shifting the potential value of specialty coffee.

Finca Deborah brings a unique perspective to Gesha with a method they call Echo processing, which uses an innovative ingredient—the coffee cherry’s skin, or cascara—to amplify the coffee’s fruit flavors and complexity.

This precise fermentation process brings out a brightness that glimmers in notes of citrus and stone fruit, grounded by a richness that reminds us of fruit compote. With jasmine on the nose, this coffee’s floral aroma rivals its fruity taste in sublimity.

Notes of jasmine, strawberry jam, and pink lemonade

This coffee is part of our Exceedingly Rare collection. Read more here
Region: Volcan
Processing: "Echo", Carbonic Maceration
Cultivar: Gesha
Elevation: 1,900 meters
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