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Personal development books are written to inspire, encourage and sometimes challenge us to achieve our goals and reach for the things we previously thought impossible. Encompassing a variety of topics and strategies, explore Book Depository’s extensive personal development library to find the perfect book for your situation. We have bestsellers from top authors around the world, new releases featuring the latest techniques and research, and classics that have stood the test of time.

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Personal development books challenge us to ask ourselves searching questions. What are your goals in life? What could you be better at? Although priorities may be different, we all have areas ripe for improvement. This is where how-to guides can give you some much-needed insight and advice for moving forward.

Whether you're interested in advancing your career, paying off debt or picking up a new skill, our personal development titles have you covered. Improve your memory and concentration with books like John B. Arden's Rewire Your Brain, or read a TIME Magazine Must-Read Book with Lori Gottlieb's Maybe You Should Talk To Someone.

We offer several series of personal development books that cover all bases when it comes to finance and goal-setting. Capstone's personal development series offers all the classics that have enthralled readers for centuries. Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations and Niccolo Macchiavelli's The Prince give timeless advice. The School of Life's How-to series is another popular option in this category, with simple how-to guides written in a witty style. Learn how to be a leader, how to age, and how to be bored.